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Lace Collar

Looking for a beautiful women's lace fake false collar detachable lapel shirt? look no further than our women lace fake false collar detachable lapel shirt. This blouse and lapel shirt are a great way to show your personal style out of the ordinary. Plus, the choker necklace and necklace are a perfect addition to your look.

White Lace Collar

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Detachable Lace Collars

This is a detachable lace collars for the long flowers on a day ofermale. The applique is see-through so it is easy to see the pattern. The neckline is sewn in place and then the applique is changed to look like a necktie. The collar is sewn in place and then the neckline is changed to look like a neckline. Finally, the lace is sewn in place and the collar is undone to leave the neckline on. this shirt is made to be a little bit specific. It is made with lace and applique collars and layers of flowers to create a motivic effect. The shirt is dressed up with a scruffy shirt body and a simple flower neckline. The shirt is finished with a sewing patch to make it look more finished. this is a fun doll bear enterprises dress dg from the lot. It has an antique vtg lace neck collar dress embroidery collar bear eared dress, with edgings on the back. The dress is a good condition with no mistakes, and it is also a good material to add to your antique vtg dress collection. the venice carola lace collection white-collar is perfect for those who appreciate a little bit of luxury without getting expensive. This collection features a variety of deep blue and purple lace, making it a luxurious look. Plus, the collared shirt and belt are a perfect finishing touch.