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Sensationnel Braided Lace Wig

This sensationnel cloud 9 13x5 lace part braided wig is a great choice for those looking for a unique style. The cornrow style is represented by a 13x5 link in the head of the hair on the back of the head. The hair is then braided into a lace part with a five-lack-string structure. The color is 1b, and it is said to be very bright and charismatically powerful.

Cheap Sensationnel Braided Lace Wig

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Sensationnel Braided Lace Wig Walmart

This sensationnel cloud 9 multi-parting swiss lace wig is a beautiful box braid large wig with a touch of color and a comfortable fit. With its sensual cloud 9 pattern and large parting, this wig is perfect for any look. this sensationnel braided lace wig is made with a complex masking process that allows the hair to "breath. " the result is a beautiful, high-quality wig that is perfect for any style. the sensationalnel braided lace wig is a luxurious 9 4x4 part swiss lace wig with a luxurious, sensual feel. This wig is perfect for looking like a goddess with the side part in goldilocks color. The golden-colored side part is set with a rich brown hair cut and level with your skin. The main part has a very light brown hair cut that can vary in color depending on the day. It is best if you can manage to keep the hair down by wetting it before pedicuring or using a styling brush. If you need to take the hair down, you can either use a hair dryer or heat to it using a dryer which will loosen the hair. The sensationalnel braided lace wig is also hvlp safe making it a great choice for long lasting hair. Theuce in the back is made of french lace, giving this wig a looking good from the front. The box braid small is a great way to keep this sensationnel looking good from the back.